Go slowly, allow yourself to gently taste life again....

I'm Wendy creator of The Contented Life Method, I write about The Art of Slow Living and my unique way of slowing down in order to catch up. I see beauty in the everyday and I choose to live from a place of calm. But it hasn't always been that way, I know all about being compassionate, gentle and hiding my low sense of deserving behind pleasing others. What I learnt on my journey to healing: Life is a gift, you can't hide and shut down, you have to find the courage to stand up and solidify your own journey of becoming..

I work with heart centered, nurturing creative women who want to move beyond stress, rise above emotional suffering and build dreams. I help women heal their own lives, embrace authentic living, calm their nervous systems and trust life after being hurt by life.


What I wish my mother had taught me :

  • have a daily stillness practice

  • move beyond fears

  • increase sense of self deserving

  • set boundaries

  • have a reliable method to ease stress


But most of all I wish my mother had taught me to BE MYSELF and be my own best friend. If you're struggling, I know what blocks you from the abundance, the money, the love, the health and the lifestyle you seek and it's in your emotions. I work with psychic insight, energy healing, researched knowledge and proven systems.


NO mud no Lotus - Life's pains challenge us to grow - if we resist - the pain just gets louder


Here's how I can help:

My signature program: The Contented Life Method ™- 8 foundational principles to honor your authentic self, bring inner peace, self-healing & abundance (read more)

Mary Morrisseys: DreamBuilder ® - a blueprint to help you clarify your life path, overcome your biggest blocks and build a life you love (read more)

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