Escape the binds of the ' Nice Girl ' + Break Free from Feeling 'not enough' because it's time to Create your own Beautiful, Self-Expressed, Empowered Life and Embrace who YOU are Authentically!


Hi I'm Wendy,

I am a Lifestylist for 'Nice Girls' who want to Re-Claim their Lives + Rise Above the old habits + patterns which hold them back from speaking their Truth + Living Fulfilled Lives.

I help these compassionate women de-clutter their inner world, so that they change their outer world experiences + make peace with the Nice Girl. 

Because it's time to confront what keeps you playing small and decide, to no longer just fit in BUT to really Honor YOU.



Life is a journey, it's messy + yet there is so much Beauty.

I  help you Slow Down, so that despite the Busy, you know how to appreciate the Beauty + Tune into your true Potential and create Beautiful Lives.

The Protea flower symbolize transformation and change
The Protea symbolizes transformation and change across cultures

This is a place where you can find Life Balance + learn how to Break-Free from the patterning of the 'Nice Girl' because she is keeping you playing it small and sabotaging your life, your health  + your relationships!

My bigger mission is to see a world where there is less suffering to dis-ease and emotional pain. 

I work with a new generation of women who want to put a end to generational 'Nice Girl' patterning so that their daughters have a better chance of living Contented Futures.



Welcome To Contented Life!!